sonnenBatterie eco Home Battery Backup
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sonnenBatterie eco Home Battery Backup

Valley Solar now offers backup power systems for your home, including the sonnenBatterie eco. This means you can keep more of the energy that your Valley Solar SunPower system collects with a backup power solution that lets you use your solar power when the sun doesn't shine. Imagine how well you'll sleep at night knowing that your smart home battery backup is hard at work, saving you money.


sonnenBatterie eco

The sonnenBatterie eco is a smart storage solution for your home or small business that uses intelligent software to manage energy throughout the day. This industry-leading solution provides a backup power system, allows you to use your solar power at night, and ultimately helps you take back your energy independence while saving.




Discover Why sonnenBatterie eco is a Rising Smart Energy Leader

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Imagine the Benefits of Using the sonnenApp Smart Energy Manager

sonnenBatterie Smart Energy Manager
  • Being protected from outages and natural disasters
  • Controlling your power use with smart algorithms and plugs maximizes your energy efficiency
  • Having a smart energy manager at your fingertips on your mobile phone

sonnenBatterie eco Technology and Features

  • Hardware
    • 10,000 cycles and 100% depth of discharge
    • Integrated plug & play system
  • Software
    • Fully integrated self-learning and predictive algorithms
    • User portal and smartphone app
  • 10 year standard warranty
  • UL listed lithium-iron batteries (a newer version in the lithium battery family)
  • Quiet, safe and secure backup power system


sonnenBatterie eco Adaptability

sonnenBatterie eco Battery Backup
  • All-in-one system scales to meet customer needs:
    • eco 4 – eco 16 models (4kWh - 16kWh in 2kWh increments)
    • Includes AC coupled 4kW or 8kW inverter
  • Multiple applications in one product
  • Ongoing upgrades future-proof against:
    • TOU rate hikes
    • Utility program changes

Learn More About sonnenBatterie eco

"Our main reason for installing a sonnenBatterie was to be more energy independent. After experiencing ongoing power outages we wanted to make sure we could keep the lights on ourselves."

- Kyle Wallace, Henderson, NV

Valley Solar provides certified PACE financing through YgreneWorks, CaliforniaFIRST Energy Savings Financing, the HERO program, and mPower Placer.

Visit the Valley Solar Custom Design Center in El Dorado Hills to learn more about the sonnenBatterie eco.