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Commercial Solar Products

If you're looking for quality solar products installed by the best and most experienced installers, Valley Solar has you covered. We are a SunPower Commercial dealer, which means you have access to the best-performing solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the world. Plus, we offer you the best quality installation and price, with a no-hassle sales process.

Valley Solar Helix Shade Structure / Carport. A shade structure for irrigation pumps, shop and equipment usage, and storage facilities. A structure large enough for most farm equipment, the Valley Solar Helix Shade structure can help agricultural businesses capitalize on energy, equipment, and financial investments.


About SunPower

Founded more than a quarter-century ago, SunPower has set and broken world records from the start. Without SunPower, the story of solar could not be written. The fact is, SunPower has been responsible for major industry milestones since their incorporation in 1985, and has challenged conventional thinking. Delivering the highest-efficiency solar cells and solar panels, and the most advanced solar energy systems, SunPower is the world’s standard for solar.

VS-e Series Panels

Download SunPower's E-Series Commercial Solar Panels brochure (PDF 1.6MB)


SunPower for Commercial Installations

New in 2016, SunPower introduces Helix, the world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar platform.

SunPower Helix Commercial Solar Platform

New in 2016, SunPower introduces Helix, the world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar platform.

About SunPower Helix

Helix SunPower starts with the Maxeon solar cells, which are extremely reliable and efficient, eliminating 86% of the reasons that individual solar cells fail.

SunPower’s panels generate 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years with unmatched reliability. Commercial panels include:

  • SunPower E20/327: the world’s first 20% efficient panel
  • SunPower E19/245: SunPower’s improved 72 cell module
  • SunPower E18/230NE-BLK: the next evolution of SunPower’s Signature™ Black module
  • More than 20% Efficiency - capturing more sunlight and generating more power than conventional panels (E20 327)
  • Delivers excellent performance in real-world conditions, such as high temperatures, clouds, and low light.
  • Commercial-grade: optimized to maximize returns and energy production, the E-series panel is a bankable solution for commercial solar applications.
  • Even greater performance and reliability from SunPower’s MAXEON™ technology
  • Compatibility with transformer-less inverters

Download the SunPower Helix Platform brochure (PDF 1.6MB)


SunPower’s new Helix cable management system is specifically designed for the commercial solar platform.

SunPower Helix Cable Mangement

SunPower Helix also includes:

  • Cable management system including stainless steel clips built specifically for use with SunPower Helix
  • A pre-configured power station, eliminating 100% of manual wiring at installation.
  • A roof-mounting system: when combined with SunPower panels, generates 72% more energy per roof over the first 25 years.
  • Options include tracker, roof, and carport installation products






Valley Solar’s years-long experience in commercial installations mean you will get the best installation, with the best efficiency, for a great price. Contact us at info@valley-solar or (916) 254-5111.