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Valley Solar provides custom-built photovoltaic systems for homes of any size and any roof type. We design the system, install it, and provide services post-installation if any are required.

Valley Solar provides custom-built photovoltaic systems for homes of any size and any roof type. We design the system, install it, and provide services post-installation if any are required. You can greatly reduce your dependence on your electric utility compay, or we can help you go "off-grid" if you choose.

We install solar energy panels that convert sunlight into energy, and depending on how much you want to rely on your power provider, your solar system can power your entire residence or business, or just part of it to reduce your energy bill dramatically. And if you wish to go off the grid completely, we can install a solar energy system that gives you enough energy that you will never pay a power bill again.

Residential Testimonials

Read about Valley Solar customer projects and their experiences with some of the best residential solar installers in the industry. And, if you have a story of your own that you would be proud to share, let us know about it!

Home Battery Backup Options

Valley Solar now offers backup power systems for your home, including the sonnenBatterie eco. Save money while you sleep and protect yourself against unexpected outages with a backup power system for your home.

Solar for EV or Hybrid Vehicles

No matter if you have a hybrid electric car or an all-electric car you can power it with sunshine! Learn more about our Charge n' Go PV4EV Solar Systems.

Ground-mounted Solar Systems

Looking for a modular ground-mounted solar system? Valley Solar's got your covered! Nuance Energy Group’s Osprey PowerPlatform is the perfect solar solution for rural homes, energy needs in remote areas, and living on and off the grid.

Solar Products

Valley Solar is proud to offer the highest quality products and equipment on the market, delivering the highest efficiency solar cells and solar panels to our customers. We only select the best PV panels, inverters, battery backup systems, and mounting systems for your home. We also have access to distributors offering many other equipment manufacturers to fit your needs. Valley Solar has you covered!

Residential Solar Projects

Valley Solar customers are pleased with making the choice to go solar and save money with our no-pressure sales approach, quality products and professional installations. Read what some of our customers are saying.

Installation Services

After you have approved your solar energy system design, we will gather all applicable rebate forms, obtain all permits and then install your system. Our rigorous quality tests will assure your system meets or exceeds all applicable local and national building codes. We install your system with the belief it needs to last for decades, not just for the duration of the standard five-year warranty that most solar energy companies give. Our certified installation team is one of the most qualified in the Sacramento area.

Upon completion of your system, we will "commission" your system. This mean we will audit the system for quality and production to ensure that it is performing as it should and to provide a benchmark for future follow up visits to monitor continued expected production.

Other services can be provided as requested such as material procurement, design, and help for the do-it-yourselfer.

Site Survey

At Valley Solar, we take the approach that every customer is unique. When we start our work with you, we will take time to understand your needs and expectations. We will design a system especially for you — delivering the highest quality end product that measures up to your expectations upon completion of the project. We will assure you are happy with your solar energy system for the many years to come.

Valley Solar will do a comprehensive site survey to determine the best location and mounting methods within the customer's specifications and deliver the highest return on investment.

This is a critical portion of a successful installation. We will ensure all aspects of the installation adhere to industry best practices. We will work with you to determine the ideal location of your solar array.

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