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Site Survey

For your site survey, we will come to your residence or business and investigate the following:

  • Site elevation
  • Latitude
  • Available sunlight hours for your area
  • Irradiance (the amount of power the sun produces in your area - watts per square meter)
  • Mounting area
  • Structural engineering requirements
  • Specific micro climate charactersistics (e.g., early morning fog)
  • Seasonal shading
  • Temperature ranges throughout the year
  • Roof type and mounting methods
  • Length of wire runds
  • Current power quality
  • Service size
  • Component placement

Economic Analysis

As part of our installation services, we will provide you with a thorough economic analysis of your new solar system in the estimation phase. You will see, up front, what your return on investment will be, including tax incentives and rebates you may be eligible for. We will work with you to ensure you have a system that meets your energy and financial expectations.

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