“Excellent. All employees at Valley Solar are top notch."
Valley Solar
“I have OCD, and I like things lined up perfectly. If I noticed something just a
Ariel view of Bill's solar system in Folsom, CA
Andrew's home roof top solar installation in Shingle Springs, CA
Aerial view of Burt's home with new SunPower solar panels.
Ground mounted solar system at John's residence in Latrobe, CA
Aerial view of the John and Aleta's home with new SunPower solar panels.
Aerial view of SunPower solar panels installed on Spanish tile roof.
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Residential Solar System Examples

Making your own electricity with a Valley Solar system is the best way to slash the high cost of utility bills. Now you can have a return on an "investment" and not continue to just pay an expense and worry about future rate increases.

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Valley Solar Residential Testimonials

Kathleen and Alan's residence 6.21 kW

Kathleen & Alan S.

Homeowners, WOODLAND, CA

Outstanding. We couldn't have asked  for better quality, service, communication, or pricing than we got from Valley Solar. We interviewed and got bids from three companies. We found Valley Solar on Angie's List. Valley Solar had the most competitive pricing and excellent service ratings, plus they were available in rural Yolo County. They  worked with our schedule, which  included some vacation time, and never missed a beat with us or with PG&E in getting our system in correctly and promptly. We cannot say enough good things about Valley Solar.

Saving Money with Sunshine since May 2018
Stock photo of solar roof installation 12 kW

Renee T.


“Competitive pricing and excellent service. Upon due diligence I had 4 quotes. Brian Tsuda matched the lowest and provided a better product with microinverters in each panel. The crew was very deliberate in explaining the process daily and answered all questions. We were energy producing upon completion. We love our 12KW system. Bill reduced from $1100 to $10! Yay sun!”

Saving Money with Sunshine since July 2017
Solar panel rooftop installation 4.9 kW

Frances O.

Homeowner, ELK GROVE, CA

“Excellent. All employees at Valley Solar are top notch. My experience started with Brian, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was the number one factor on why I chose Valley. The install crew was top notch too. They arrived on time and did an awesome job with the install. They cleaned up after themselves and I would never know they were there. Carlos came early the day of the inspection and was helpful and informative when setting up my equipment to the internet. Overall this is an A+++ organization and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Saving Money with Sunshine since July 2017
“Valley Solar worked hard for us to get the the ground mount solar system done." 9.72 kW

Charlain S.


“It went great for the most part. A few issues came up along the way such as county permits, but Valley Solar worked hard for us to get the job done. After the arrays were installed, they came out to make sure we were satisfied and personally went over monitoring and what to expect in the future. I especially liked that they came to our residence to talk to us when we had questions. They also offered the best warranty in the market, not only with the panels, but with installation and labor as well. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Saving Money with Sunshine since April 2017
Customer Photo 4.14 kW

David K.


“My wife and I selected Valley Solar in December to install a 4.14 kW system on our home - - we highly recommend them. Brian Tsuda worked with us to ensure that we had a system that would produce our desired amount of power while taking into account several placement challenges, including our request to have a system that wouldn't require us to remove an oak tree. Brian and Kevin Robinson provided excellent service, answering all of our questions promptly, keeping us informed, and making sure that the purchasing, financing, and installation proceeded smoothly. Our panels have been providing power since February, and are on pace to slightly exceed our projected annual output. On balance, our panels should provide about 100% of our electricity. Since the installation, we have referred Valley Solar to family members.”

Saving Money with Sunshine since February 2017
John A. Residence, Shingle Springs, CA 8.04 kW

John A.


I’d like to preface this by saying I never do testimonials, because I hate to write. But I had to share my experience with Valley Solar, as it was just too good not to.

On the very first day of installation, the install team wrapped up with a small amount of work remaining to be completed on a second day of installation. However, upon learning that the next day’s forecast called for rain, the team stayed at my home and completed the remaining work – instead of just postponing the rest of the installation until after the inclement weather had passed. The team was very cooperative and considerate in this effort, and it was greatly appreciated.

The installation team placed the monitoring for my system, along with the circuit breaker box, in my garage. Now, I didn’t want the circuit breaker box just hanging on my wall – I wanted it to be a bit more visually appealing. The team gladly obliged my request to cut out portions of the garage wall in order to inlay the box. They did an excellent job cutting out the necessary space, and the plaster board was very impressively repaired. The team patched the areas so well that you can’t even tell the insertion was made.

The crew that came out to my home was very knowledgeable, tidy, and well-organized. More importantly, they were always pleasant and had a smile on their face when I asked them to do something – even though they may have classified a number of my requests as a bit off-the-wall. I have OCD, and I like things lined up perfectly. If I noticed something just a bit off, I asked them to fix it – and with a smile, they did just that. It was clear to me that the customer’s satisfaction was of utmost importance to the Valley Solar team.

From the sales process, to the design and permitting, through the system installation, and right down to the activation of my new solar system, everything went exactly as Valley Solar said it would ... and I couldn’t be happier.

Sales accommodated my need for options to look at, design worked with me on configuration changes, management answered my questions and the installation team was very knowledgeable and able to accommodate my need to understand everything.

Thank you, Valley Solar.

John A.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since October 2016
Ariel view of Bill's solar system in Folsom, CA 5.89 kW

Bill C.

Homeowner, FOLSOM, CA

Valley Solar did a great job on my home solar system. The Valley Solar team was professional and courteous, and were kind to my dogs. They were on time, on budget, clean, took care of all permits, and dealt with SMUD. My system works exactly as promised. I highly recommend Valley Solar.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since July 2016
Customer Photo 3 kW

Jennifer N.


Valley Solar is a fantastic, small, local business. Their prices are competitive, their service is professional and personal. They use the best panels in the business. Check out Valley Solar if you want a great solar experience.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since May 2016
Customer Photo 8.5 kW

Luong (Lee) N.


I had Valley Solar install my system in May 2015. It went as planned and met the timeline schedule. They provided me a regular update throughout the installation process. The company is very customer focused and they are using their own employees for the work. Their price was competitive. I am very happy to have used them and extremely pleased with their work and performance. I would recommend them to anyone needing to install solar.

Saving Money with Sunshine since May 2015
Andrew's home roof top solar installation in Shingle Springs, CA 7.2 kW

Andrew T.


Andrew's Testimonial

Prior to Brian, our only experiences with solar companies were the door-to-door types that were extremely high pressure. I was shocked when Brian left from our initial visit. He just left, he didn't push the system on us or make us feel guilty for wanting to sleep on it. He just let the numbers do the talking, which is the best sales pitch.

As for the install, Chris and company arrived on time each day. Everyone was extremely professional and greeted me by name; although subtle, that is a very personal touch. Each day they worked efficiently and cleaned up their work site and left it as if they were never there. I noticed that they took the time to make sure that every hole they put in our roof was sealed. Further, I was really adamant that conduit not be run across the roof or outside the house, and I realize that it would have been a whole lot cheaper for you to run it outside the house. That said, I appreciate that it was run internally as much as possible.

As for your safety program, I take safety very seriously in my personal and professional life. I work with heavy construction contractors as part of my profession and safety is a big part of my organization. I first noticed safety was a priority with Valley with Jon came out for the site inspection and took the time to tie off his ladder. During the installation I really appreciated that they all wore hard hats, were tied off on the roof, delineated the work zone, respirators in the attic, and tied off the ladders. As a home owner I really appreciated these extra precautions. I would never want someone to get hurt working on my house.

I'm sure there are companies that could throw up our system in one day, but I noticed and appreciate the quality of the installation and the time that was taken to ensure a quality installation.

Saving Money with Sunshine since March 2016
Juanita's home solar system in Elk Grove, CA 2.6 kW

Juanita M.

Homeowner, ELK GROVE, CA

Juanita's Testimonial

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to you and your staff/team. I had the pleasure to meet some of the team; Jon, Tony, Brian, and some of the others whose names I cannot remember, but the shout out is for all. I can say they were first professional, courteous, and safety conscious. What a team!! They are all assets to Valley Solar - job well done. I’m hopeful anyone who sees the final product on the roof will want the same for their household. Please add me to your list of satisfied customers.


Juanita M.

Saving Money with Sunshine since February 2016
David's home solar roof system in Folsom, CA 3.2 kW

David W.

Homeowner, FOLSOM, CA

David's Testimonial

After I received my degrees in electrical power production and electronics I chose to take all the photovoltaic classes that were offered at the American River College. I was one of the lucky students that were in the 25% that actually passed the series of tests for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

During the many visits lately to Home Depot to gather parts and information regarding all the projects I work on around my home, I saw that they had a representative of a solar company at each store. After setting up an appointment and working through the details with them I got the idea that they were more concerned with the quantity of solar systems they could install instead of the quality.

That’s when I remembered that I knew Brad Price of the Valley Solar Company. He was one of the instructors teaching in his spare time at the college and during the last semester I was able to work with Brad and Fred Becker as we installed an 84 KW solar array in West Sacramento. I really admired Brad and Fred with their quality of work done at that site and how pleased the owner was.

After researching the site for Valley Solar I was quite impressed with their whole operation. When I asked them for a quote regarding getting a solar system on my home, that’s when I learned of the solar panels and inverter offered though the SunPower Company. That’s when I realized that Valley Solar uses quality equipment and that pleased me.

After I saw Brad’s crew working on my own home and installing everything in a single day, I realized that he has a great crew that were very friendly and happily answered all of my questions during the installation. In the process of the arrangement for getting this solar system I had been told that this could take some time due to their previous workloads. Actually what I found out later was the fact that it was the city of Folsom and SMUD that took more time in responding to their responsibilities and particulars involved in the whole process. This process along with the NABCEP standards keep all parties working within the National Electric Code and ensures every step is accomplished safely.

I am really happy knowing that I have a solar system on my home and quite pleased to see such low electrical bills. Plus now I am happy to tell others about Valley Solar and how they will be quite impressed also. And now my carbon footprint is so much smaller; something that everyone should take part in.

Thank you,

David W.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since September 2015
Solar panels on the Hanson's house. 8.2 kW

Kerry and Judy H.

Homeowners, LOOMIS, CA

Kerry and Judy's Testimonial

In our search for a solar system for our home, we consulted with a family that already had solar, and then we scheduled appointments for solar companies discussed.  

We were impressed with the presentation by Carl Marino of Valley Solar. He had researched our situation in advance and was very knowledgeable about a system that would benefit us.

Because of Carl's knowledge and what Valley Solar offered in their program, we chose them to do our project. We were impressed with the preparation staff, the business staff, and the installation crew. They were organized, personable, and neat during their work on our site.  

The end product is outstanding and clean in appearance.  

Thank you Valley Solar!

Saving Money with Sunshine Since September 2015
Close-up view of SunPower solar panels installed 2.9 kW

Dixie L.


Dixie's Testimonial

We went to a presentation at SMUD, and also consulted 3 other solar installers before choosing Valley Solar. I appreciated that solar was Valley Solar's only business, compared to a heating and air conditioning business that also does solar.

Everyone was very responsive, and they even included an electric car charger for free. I felt they knew what they were doing, and if we had questions, someone got right back to us. Overall we are very satisfied with our system.

If you are a SMUD customer and looking to get solar, SMUD will review your bids, analyze them, and give you a report for free. They helped me understand what to look for in a bid.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since May 2015
Aerial view of Burt's home with new SunPower solar panels. 5.2 kW

Burt S.


Burt's Testimonial

I wish to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the work you have done on our home. Both my wife and I are very, very pleased with the quality and price of your product, with the men that worked on its installation, and especially for the professionalism expressed by all the members of your staff and crew—including the secretary at your office.

I would like to commend you for all your employees. They are indeed an asset and a credit to your company! I was truly impressed by each and every one of them—starting with your consultant (Director of Sales & Marketing), Carl Marino, who was a pleasure to meet and deal with. I found him to be very knowledgeable, personable, and certainly quite capable of explaining everything to my satisfaction. Inasmuch as I have worked in sales myself, I appreciate his professionalism, his honesty, and "no pressure" sales pitch.

Your supervisor, Chris Pedersen, came shortly after I accepted the terms of the contract and was likewise quite courteous and professional upon our meeting.

As mentioned, I was extremely impressed by all of your employees, and I would like to name each one them: Rob (who initially got me interested in your company and its product, and who later showed me a better way splice a damaged extension cord), Welden (whom I met on my neighbor's property, was extremely polite, and explained how panels are installed, etc.), Mando (who was very friendly, always smiling, working hard and promised not to do handsprings on my roof), Tony (who went the extra mile in his explanations and personal favors), and last, but not least, Daniel (a very decent young man and a conscientious worker who I expect will give me a phone call to initiate a possible friendship).

I am not at all exaggerating, when I speak highly of all your men. My neighbor, John Iander, told me how courteous (and good) they all were, and he was absolutely right!

Incidentally, I had anticipated that the installation of the solar panels would not begin until sometime after March 11. However, all work was completed by that date! Now I am happily looking forward to my next PG&E bill. Thank you so much!


Saving Money with Sunshine Since March 2015
Ground mounted solar system at the Iander residence in Latrobe, CA 6.2 kW

John I.

Homeowner, LATROBE, CA

John's Testimonial

I'm a retired TV news reporter, so I have the time and knowledge to do my homework.

I checked out a dozen solar companies before deciding on Valley Solar. Most companies said "sign here and we will do the rest." That's not me! I want all the facts. Valley Solar's representatives walked me through every design nuance and answered all my technical questions with total honesty. Deal done!

I could not be more pleased with Valley Solar's installation crew and their workmanship. We actually became friends and my family looked forward to seeing them every day. After the installation, Valley Solar's technicians walked me through the operation and maintenance of my system and made sure the job site was completely cleaned up.

Valley Solar was the only company that worked to design a "right sized" system for our home and shared all the engineering details with me. Now after almost six months of operation I have a report card:

Our ground-mounted system is generating more than Valley Solar predicted. We are running the air conditioning almost non-stop during the hot afternoons, my wife is charging her hybrid Chevy Volt, I've got the pool cleaner and well pump going as needed and god knows how many TV's and hair dryers are fired up. Oh, and my wife has both electric ovens in non-stop bake mode. Guess what our power bill was last month? Sixty five cents! And in the cooler months we banked some unused power so we have a $250 credit with PG&E that we can use up as needed.

Happy with Valley Solar? You bet. And the proof of that is I have referred numerous customers to them, three of whom have signed contracts. 

Like the sun, Valley Solar is bright, hot and reliable!

Saving Money with Sunshine Since February 2015
Aerial view of the John and Aleta's home with new SunPower solar panels. 5.4 kW

John & Aleta M.

Homeowners, MANTECA, CA

John and Aleta's Testimonial

This company is A+ all the way around. Sales person Carl is so nice and honest. Owner Brad is super and very knowledgeable and helpful. Workers are great guys; neat, polite, and very professional. Office staff is super nice and efficient. 

We believe solar will save us lots of money and will know more in coming months on the production. It's January now and we're in the fog for the last week so not too productive. When the sun is out it is working great.

We chose this company because of their reviews on Yelp and Angie's List, and they deserve great reviews, as nothing was done that wasn't to our full satisfaction. 

Also, Valley Solar sells the best panels on the market. Best production and warranty. We have a cut up roof and these are the only panels that would have given us enough to really offset our huge electric bill.

Will revisit this review later in the year and let you know how good our savings on solar really are. It's hard to know for sure, but will get back to it and report on this. A+ on this company and staff.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since December 2014
Photo of solar panels 6.2 kW

Terri and Dennis K.

Homeowners, WOODLAND, CA

Terri and Dennis' Testimonial

Dear Brad,

We just want to tell you how very pleased we are with all the people we came in contact with at Valley Solar. My husband and I researched solar designs and companies quite a bit before choosing your company. 

We met Carl first on the phone and then in person and really liked him. He was informative but not too pushy. We worked back and forth with him in emails and came up with a "best price" that we all could agree on. You were not the cheapest nor the most expensive. We had a "good feeling" about your company and your product.

We have never met Christi, but she seemed very efficient, friendly and nice to work with.

All the men who came to our home to set up the solar system were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Robert, Tony, Welden, Armondo, Daniel, Nate and Kevin and you, Brad, all assisted with our installation. You are all assets to your company. You all seem proud and happy to be working at Valley Solar.

We will definitely tell our friends and neighbors about how satisfied we are with you.


Terri & Dennis

Saving Money with Sunshine Since December 2014
Photo of solar panels 5.9 kW

David and Sally B.


David and Sally's Testimonial

We had a complete solar installation done. It was a totally professional experience from start to finish, including their locating and reporting to us a couple of roof leaks that needed to be repaired before we proceeded. They were very flexible in coordinating that effort with theirs, and we could not be more pleased.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since December 2014
Photo of solar panels 5.1 kW

Rhys R.

Homeowner, DAVIS, CA

Rhys' Testimonial

I just wanted to take a moment and pass on some praise for one of your sales people. All too often people are willing to share negative experiences, but we wanted to share a very positive one with you. We met with Brian McConnell on Saturday afternoon May 3, 2014 at our property in Davis. He was professional, courteous, humorous and knowledgeable of the first order in my opinion. Brian is definitely an asset to your company. We had been through three presentations for solar prior to this last one. I have to say, this one finally sold us on making the plunge. We have been wanting to do this for a really long time. Brian showed us how this investment would really pencil out for us with a nice return and we can now do more to help lessen our impact upon globe. We are really excited to be doing business with Valley Solar and getting this terrific product for our home!

I (we) can't thank Brian enough for the time he took to answer all of our questions in a clear, concise and warm manner. He spent more than 3 hours with us! Please pass this praise on for Brian as he is deserving of it for his efforts!

Additionally, my experience in dealing with Christi in getting the contract set up and handling the deposit was very positive as well. She was very friendly and forthcoming with information about the process to continue to help ease my anxiety about making the commitment to spend this kind of money to enhance our home.

I am very pleased with our decision thus far! Please pass this on to whoever it may concern.


Rhys R.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since July 2014
Aerial view of SunPower solar panels installed on Spanish roof tile. 8 kW

Wayne R.

Homeowner, LOOMIS, CA

Wayne's Testimonial

From the very first meeting to completion of the job, Brad Price and his team at Valley Solar exceeded my expectations.

I spoke with four different contractors before I consulted with Brad about doing the work. After meeting with Solar City and REC Solar and after doing some more research, I determined that I wanted to use SunPower panels for my system. Solar City and REC Solar do not use those panels. Hooked on Solar and Capitol City Solar do but I came away from their engineering evaluations with concerns about their assessments and recommendations for the install. Our home has a Spanish tile roof which is very fragile and an install on top of the tile would be a disaster. Capitol City’s engineer was adamant on doing the install his way, on top of tile, despite the obvious concerns of his customer (me!).

When Brad came out to evaluate the job, it was obvious, right away, that he “got it”. He told me what I needed to know and not what I wanted to hear. He gave me his professional recommendations which included installing a smaller system (24 panels/8kW) than I originally wanted (27 panels/9 kW) because of the improved aesthetics the smaller system would have. He said that I could go with the larger system, but that it wouldn’t look the best and, more importantly to me, that he “wouldn’t be proud of the job”. He instilled confidence in me right away that he was the contractor that I wanted to work with. His lead installers Chris and Bob were excellent. I have since learned that the manufacturer (SunPower) uses Brad and Valley Solar to do the install on their commercial jobs as well as the installs on the homes of their employees.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since June 2014
Photo of solar panels 7.8 kW

Tom N.

Sacramento Broadcaster, 96.9 The Eagle, SACRAMENTO, CA

Tom's Testimonial

Let’s talk about something important, solar power. Thanks to Brad Price and Valley Solar, my SunPower panels are creating clean, renewable energy, at times, more than I can use. Now I don’t want to get technical, ‘cause I’m not technical, but, in my case, excess energy gets routed back to the SMUD grid so other customers can use it. They get charged for It, I get credit. Sometimes, I see my meter run backwards, and I’m thinking “awesome!”

You can dramatically reduce your electric bill from here on in. I did it with Valley Solar. Is it life changing? Hey, it’s a start!

Choosing Valley Solar for my home's solar system was the best decision I ever made. My electricity bill was $1.62 last month!

Click here to listen to Tom's testimonial.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since October 2012
Driller Residence Solar Roof Installation 4.6 kW

Mike and Chris D.

Homeowners, SACRAMENTO, CA

Mike and Chris' Testimonial

We are very pleased with our new solar system. Valley Solar’s professional team used the highest-quality components and demonstrated true craftsmanship throughout all phases of the project. We highly recommend Valley Solar to anyone considering installing a PV system.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since August 2010
Photo of solar panels 4.6 kW

Jade and Luis P.

Homeowners, ROSEVILLE, CA

Jade and Luis' Testimonial

It has been over a year since we had you install our solar system. We couldn't be happier. Too bad our roof couldn't accommodate any more panels. I put together a chart of our usage from our bills. We had some help from the milder temperature this year. But overall, we were able to see our electric bill dropped in the peak months. We were able to refinance our mortgage this year thanks to the value added by having the PV system installed. The only change we would have made is to go with the online monitoring system. The Sunny Beam is nice but it doesn't provide the nice charts that we see from other systems on the SMA website. FYI, since we have installed our system in September of 2009, our rates have gone up in December of 2009 and again in July of 2010. Thank you again for installing our system.

Your very satisfied customer,

Jade and Luis P.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since July 2009
Photo of solar panels 2.8 kW

Wayne R. W.


Wayne's Testimonial

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent jobs you did installing both of the solar systems on my residence. The systems are working as I expected and I am very happy with both the economic and environmental benefits I am receiving. I had 2 different companies bid on the system that I wanted installed in February, 2009. The company I did not choose sent out a salesman that could not answer my questions on design, performance, and cost and was just a waste of my time. Then I called Brad. Well what a difference. He not only knows the solar industry like the back of his hand, but installs each job as if were on this own house and is proud of his work. I found this a refreshing change in today's business environment. I was so happy with the result of my 2.8KW system I just added another 1.8KB system that will now produce all the energy I use, except on those foggy winter days. I have referred Brad to one of my clients and again my client had nothing but praise for the work that was done.

I am a CPA and wanted to cut my monthly expenses as I get closer to retirement and with the reduced cost and Federal tax credit of 30%, I felt it was money well spent and a better return than what I was getting at the bank these days.

If you are considering solar energy you have found the right man with Brad. If you want to discuss my experience with me, Brad can provide you with my contact information.

Saving Money with Sunshine since April 2009
Customer Photo 2.5 kW

Darien D.


Darien's Testimonial

Thank you for your extremely satisfying work with our PV installation! Your excellent service started from the initial visit, when you took the time to present a wide variety of information, answer our questions, and explain matters clearly.

You were responsive to our special concerns and desires. Also, you kept us informed about what we needed to do (trim trees) and provided the necessary charts, etc. to get the maximum performance from our PV panels.

Everything was handled professionally and neatly. Our system worked from the first day, even in November. Now that longer days are here, we are pleased to see the system meeting nearly all of our electricity needs. We have had no problems whatsoever!

Saving Money with Sunshine Since January 2009
Photo of solar panels 5.7 kW

Jeff P.

Homeowner, COOL, CA

Jeff's Testimonial

Brad, I wanted to thank you so much for all you did in helping install my solar panel system. My situation was very unique and definitely required special handling.

I originally planned to have my general contractor who was building my house install the entire system for me. I first searched the internet and found the best deal I could on panels, inverter, and ground mount structure. My builder fell behind on the building plans and soon it became apparent that they would not be able to do my solar installation. I called numerous solar companies throughout the Sacramento area asking them if they would be willing to complete the task. Only one person and one company was willing to help me complete the task and that was Brad Price at Valley Solar.

He was willing to assist me and provide all the technical and specialized work I required. He was instrumental in the most critical phase including selecting the site and suggesting the mounting structure that would work best with my system. He generated the building permit and the process went smoothly with the electrical drawings and wiring size information he provided. In fact, within a couple of days after submitting the permit application, the permit to build was granted.

Brad was very flexible in enumerating what remained to be done to complete the task and allowing me to select which portions I could to keep costs low. I ran the conduit and snaked the wiring. Brad installed the mounting system, mounted the panels and then finished the wiring. When time came for final connections, Brad was there with his knowledge as to how things should be done and specialized tools to get the job done right. Final connection went smoothly and when the switch was thrown to test the installation, all was great.

Looking back, I could not have completed this task without Brad's help. There was a lot more complexity in the wiring and the mounting structure than I was aware. The final building went very quickly and I am now the proud owner of a safe, functional PV solar system and lower PG&E bills. I would strongly recommend Valley Solar to anyone considering a PV system for the house.

Thanks again for all the help.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since December 2008
Jeff's Residential Solar Roof Installation 4.2 kW

Jeff P.


Jeff's Testimonial

This is an update to Jeff’s original testimonial, as he recently contacted Valley Solar to update us on his system production:

Eight years later and my solar system installed by Valley Solar is still maxing out the inverter that is supposed to max at 3500 watts. ZERO degradation from the solar panels is interesting. Hard to find good people like this.

Here is Jeff’s original testimonial:

I highly recommend Valley Solar for many reasons. Brad has been great to work with, he is not a salesman, just a great guy offering knowledge, great value, and results!

I had four solar system estimates for my home. He gave me the best price for the 4.2 DC watt system, used aluminum racking instead of galvanized rust prone material like other installers, panels with the best energy production tolerance, and it showed when completed because I have averaged 22kW per day even with some overcast weather.

I encourage anyone looking into solar to contact him, it's very nice to have all these good qualities all in one company.

Jeff P.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since August 2008
Customer Photo 7.9 kW

Tom T.

Homeowner, VACAVILLE, CA

Tom's Testimonial

I wished to install PV solar at my house. I had previously installed PV Solar at my old home and was very knowledgeable of what needed accomplishing. As an avid do-it-yourselfer, I always want to do a lot of the work myself, but knew from prior experience I would need some help, especially in the technical areas.

Brad Price at Valley Solar was the answer. He was willing to assist me and provide all the technical and specialized work I required. He was instrumental in the most critical phase, site selection as well as sizing the installation. With his assistance the necessary paperwork for the solar rebate reservation process was filed. He was great help in the selection of the mounting system and was able to purchase the majority of the supplies and equipment for me at very competitive prices. The building permit process went smoothly with the electrical drawings and wiring size information he provided.

I installed the mounting system, ran the wiring and then mounted the panels, consulting Brad frequently. When time came for final connections, Brad was there with his knowledge as to how things should be done and specialized tools to get the job done right. Final connection went smooth and when the switch was thrown to test the installation, all was great.

Looking back at the task, without Brad's help it would have been much more difficult. I probably could have completed it myself but it would have taken a lot more time, more trips to the building department, and surely more "do-overs". The final building inspection went very quickly and I am now the proud owner of a safe, function PV solar system and my PG&E bills should be history. Do it again with Brad's help, definitely; without, never.

Saving Money with Sunshine Since March 2008
Residential ground mounted solar installation. 4.7 kW

Keith G.

California Energy Commission, SLOUGHHOUSE, CA

Keith's Testimonial

Valley Solar did a great job designing and building a 4.7 kW ground-mounted system for me. With Valley Solar, you are dealing with a team that is extremely knowledgeable about PV design and building a system. As a customer, I found it was a huge advantage to work with a customer-focused, smaller-size company instead of the larger PV companies that have PV installations as one of many businesses. President and owner Brad Price's only business is PV and thus his only focus is designing and building the best system he can for each customer. His bid was as competitive as or better than the "big" companies. I highly recommend Valley solar for a PV installation and would use him again if I add additional panes in the future.

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Amanda K.


Amanda's Testimonial

I am so pleased with our home's new solar electric system. It was designed beautifully, and even when it went live on a rainy day, it was producing energy! My kids and I love to check the boxes to watch how much energy it is producing and how much carbon we are saving. And, Valley Solar did such an excellent job on the installation that the county solar inspector said it's the best installation he'd ever seen. It gives me a lot of confidence that we went with the right installer for our PV system.

Thanks to the Valley Solar team, we'll have electricity for no cost for years to come.

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Hans S.

Homeowner, DAVIS, CA

Hans' Testimonial

This is an updated testimonial from Hans, as he recently contacted Valley Solar with his thanks on the one year anniversary of his solar electric system:

Brad, as tomorrow is the anniversary of my system being turned on, I am very pleased to report that the production for the year has been about 6570 kwh, which is 8% better than predicted. Thanks for selecting high performing equipment for me (Evergreen and PV Powered)! I am loving it!

Here is Hans' original testimonial:

To whom it may concern:

This letter of recommendation is for Brad Price and Valley Solar for the installation of my 3500 AC watt solar system installed at my home in October of 2007. Brad's bid was my lowest bid and his service and workmanship was excellent. He did what he said he was going to do and did it when he said he was going to do it. His knowledge of the equipment and the PG&E application process was excellent. He was also the only contractor who would allow me to do some of the work myself. (I am an engineer and mounted my own roof brackets and did some of the wiring.)

The system of Evergreen panels and a PVPowered inverter is performing better than expected and my PG&E electric bill has dropped from nearly $350 / month to less than $100 per month. (I have an all electric house.) Brad has also been prompt in follow up on my post-installation inquiries.

I strongly urge anyone reading this to consider Valley Solar for their solar project. I have told Brad he may use me and this letter as a reference for his character and workmanship. Should anyone have any questions about my system or the work that Brad did, please feel free to contact me.

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