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David's home solar roof system in Folsom, CA
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David W.
Folsom, CA

David's Testimonial

After I received my degrees in electrical power production and electronics I chose to take all the photovoltaic classes that were offered at the American River College. I was one of the lucky students that were in the 25% that actually passed the series of tests for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

During the many visits lately to Home Depot to gather parts and information regarding all the projects I work on around my home, I saw that they had a representative of a solar company at each store. After setting up an appointment and working through the details with them I got the idea that they were more concerned with the quantity of solar systems they could install instead of the quality.

That’s when I remembered that I knew Brad Price of the Valley Solar Company. He was one of the instructors teaching in his spare time at the college and during the last semester I was able to work with Brad and Fred Becker as we installed an 84 KW solar array in West Sacramento. I really admired Brad and Fred with their quality of work done at that site and how pleased the owner was.

After researching the site for Valley Solar I was quite impressed with their whole operation. When I asked them for a quote regarding getting a solar system on my home, that’s when I learned of the solar panels and inverter offered though the SunPower Company. That’s when I realized that Valley Solar uses quality equipment and that pleased me.

After I saw Brad’s crew working on my own home and installing everything in a single day, I realized that he has a great crew that were very friendly and happily answered all of my questions during the installation. In the process of the arrangement for getting this solar system I had been told that this could take some time due to their previous workloads. Actually what I found out later was the fact that it was the city of Folsom and SMUD that took more time in responding to their responsibilities and particulars involved in the whole process. This process along with the NABCEP standards keep all parties working within the National Electric Code and ensures every step is accomplished safely.

I am really happy knowing that I have a solar system on my home and quite pleased to see such low electrical bills. Plus now I am happy to tell others about Valley Solar and how they will be quite impressed also. And now my carbon footprint is so much smaller; something that everyone should take part in.

Thank you,

David W.

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