Jade and Luis Pascual: We were able to refinance our home after Valley Solar installed solar panels

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Jade and Luis P.
Roseville, CA

Jade and Luis' Testimonial

It has been over a year since we had you install our solar system. We couldn't be happier. Too bad our roof couldn't accommodate any more panels. I put together a chart of our usage from our bills. We had some help from the milder temperature this year. But overall, we were able to see our electric bill dropped in the peak months. We were able to refinance our mortgage this year thanks to the value added by having the PV system installed. The only change we would have made is to go with the online monitoring system. The Sunny Beam is nice but it doesn't provide the nice charts that we see from other systems on the SMA website. FYI, since we have installed our system in September of 2009, our rates have gone up in December of 2009 and again in July of 2010. Thank you again for installing our system.

Your very satisfied customer,

Jade and Luis P.

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