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John A.
Shingle Springs, CA

I’d like to preface this by saying I never do testimonials, because I hate to write. But I had to share my experience with Valley Solar, as it was just too good not to.

On the very first day of installation, the install team wrapped up with a small amount of work remaining to be completed on a second day of installation. However, upon learning that the next day’s forecast called for rain, the team stayed at my home and completed the remaining work – instead of just postponing the rest of the installation until after the inclement weather had passed. The team was very cooperative and considerate in this effort, and it was greatly appreciated.

The installation team placed the monitoring for my system, along with the circuit breaker box, in my garage. Now, I didn’t want the circuit breaker box just hanging on my wall – I wanted it to be a bit more visually appealing. The team gladly obliged my request to cut out portions of the garage wall in order to inlay the box. They did an excellent job cutting out the necessary space, and the plaster board was very impressively repaired. The team patched the areas so well that you can’t even tell the insertion was made.

The crew that came out to my home was very knowledgeable, tidy, and well-organized. More importantly, they were always pleasant and had a smile on their face when I asked them to do something – even though they may have classified a number of my requests as a bit off-the-wall. I have OCD, and I like things lined up perfectly. If I noticed something just a bit off, I asked them to fix it – and with a smile, they did just that. It was clear to me that the customer’s satisfaction was of utmost importance to the Valley Solar team.

From the sales process, to the design and permitting, through the system installation, and right down to the activation of my new solar system, everything went exactly as Valley Solar said it would ... and I couldn’t be happier.

Sales accommodated my need for options to look at, design worked with me on configuration changes, management answered my questions and the installation team was very knowledgeable and able to accommodate my need to understand everything.

Thank you, Valley Solar.

John A.

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