Sunseri Construction: Valley Solar Reduces Electricity Bill for Mercy Housing Senior Apartments

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Mercy Housing Senior Apartments for Sunseri Construction
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Sunseri Construction
Mercy Housing Senior Apartments
Auburn, CA

Valley Solar designed and installed a 39KW commercial photovoltaic (PV) system in order to offset the majority of the power costs for Mercy Housing: Senior Apartments. Bernard Keck, Senior Project Manager for Sunseri Construction, was impressed with the speed, efficiency, and quality of work implemented by the Valley Solar team. The design and layout of the needed solar stanchions was finished quickly, and the solar module installations on both housing projects were completed ahead of time without interfering with Sunseri’s construction schedule. In addition, Sunseri Construction was very pleased with the safety protocol followed by the Valley Solar team, their accurate load calculations, and Valley Solar’s ease in quickly obtaining the proper permits.


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Valley Solar is proud to provide a variety of green technology products and solar panels. We constantly research the market for the best performing panels, carefully evaluate your commercial building and budget and provide you with options that bring you the best results and energy savings.


Bernard K.'s Testimonial

Sunseri Construction hired Valley Solar to install solar modules on two housing projects, and was positively impressed each time with their performance.

Each time we were able to get a design in a few days, and the layout for the solar stanchions. This layout and the load calculations are critical for the design of the roof trusses, or to verify that the existing trusses would support the additional loads. 

The electrical design was also a breeze and passed the verification of the electrical engineer for the project, and in each case, Valley Solar secured a permit very quickly. Adding the solar system didn't affect the construction schedule of the projects, as it did in the past with other solar contractors. Once the contract was signed, Valley Solar managed to get and install the whole system quicker than we estimated. While on the roof we noticed that the crews were always tied off somewhere, showing that safety is an important part of their scope of work.

All of the electrical work was professionally installed and passed inspection without a hitch. For both projects it was a great experience working with Valley Solar, especially in a field where speed of execution coupled with professionalism is paramount.

The only improvement I would suggest is more coordination with the jobsite's electrical contractor to prepare the solar system's tie-in into the project's electrical.

Bernard K.
Senior Project Manager
Sunseri Construction, Inc.

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