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Tom N.
Sacramento Broadcaster, 96.9 The Eagle
Sacramento, CA

Tom's Testimonial

Let’s talk about something important, solar power. Thanks to Brad Price and Valley Solar, my SunPower panels are creating clean, renewable energy, at times, more than I can use. Now I don’t want to get technical, ‘cause I’m not technical, but, in my case, excess energy gets routed back to the SMUD grid so other customers can use it. They get charged for It, I get credit. Sometimes, I see my meter run backwards, and I’m thinking “awesome!”

You can dramatically reduce your electric bill from here on in. I did it with Valley Solar. Is it life changing? Hey, it’s a start!

Choosing Valley Solar for my home's solar system was the best decision I ever made. My electricity bill was $1.62 last month!

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