How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Luckily for us, solar panel maintenance is very easy. Simply inspect your panels a few times a year to make sure they are not dirty, and rinse them off with a garden hose if they are. That’s it!

How to Clean Your Solar Panels

Solar panel maintenance is fairly simple

Your solar panels require little maintenance because they have no moving parts. Because solar panels work by converting sunlight to energy, they will perform at their best and save you the most money when they are free of dirt and debris. Inspecting your panels is the best way to make sure they stay clean and work their hardest for you. When inspecting your panels make sure to be safe and use caution, especially if you are using a ladder.

Solar panels can be kept clean with a rinse from a garden hose every few months. It is best to clean them in the early morning or late evening, to reduce the risk of cracking them by spraying cold water onto hot panels.

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Another option is to hire a professional cleaner. Professional solar panel cleaning is an especially good choice if a ladder is required to access your panels or your panels have difficult to reach areas.

Are You Monitoring Your Solar?

An important aspect of solar maintenance is regular monitoring of your solar PV system. Many solar companies will give you the option of purchasing a solar monitoring system. For example, Valley Solar offers a web-based solar panel monitoring app with its SunPower® solar panels. Having solar monitoring in place is helpful when it comes to solar panel maintenance because you can easily identify an unexpected drop in power or an underperforming solar array and will know to inspect your panels to determine if they are in need of a cleaning.

If you have questions about solar energy, contact Valley Solar to speak to a local solar expert.

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