Solar Monitoring Can Save You Money

Remote solar monitoring allows for web-based real-time viewing of your home’s energy consumption and your solar installation‘s production, meaning you can show your co-workers and make sure your kids aren’t running up the electric bill by leaving every light in the house on while you’re at the office.

Why Get Solar Monitoring?

Lifetime CO2 Emissions Avoided 14.7 tons

Remote solar monitoring allows you to view how much energy your home is currently producing, review your historical energy production, and track the overall performance of your solar installation. You can also see how much your solar investment has benefitted the environment.

The SunPower® Solar Monitoring System

The SunPower Solar Monitoring System is a web-based energy dashboard that allows homeowners to easily access their home’s current energy consumption and solar production. It is a simple and direct way to track the impact of your solar system on your monthly electric bill. The monitoring dashboard (complete with a demo version for

SunPower Mobile Monitoring Screenshot

prospective buyers) is available via the web (click “view demo” and select “Energy Production and Use”) and for iOS and Android mobile phones.

Detect Problems as They Start, Not Months Later

Remote monitoring of your solar installation also allows for rapid troubleshooting of any system performance issues that might arise. Having solar monitoring in place is also helpful when it comes to solar panel maintenance because you can make sure you are getting the most out of your investment by easily identifying an unexpected drop in power long before your monthly electric bill. Should your remote solar monitoring indicate a drop in production, you can inspect your solar panels, giving them a quick rinse with a garden hose to get them back to peak performance if needed.


For more information, view the SunPower Solar Monitoring System Manual PDF or contact Valley Solar.

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