Valley Solar Builds 309 KW Solar System for St. Francis High School

Sacramento, CA March 2012 – Valley Solar Inc a long standing local leader in the engineering, design, and building of solar powered system announced the completion of a 309 kilowatt solar system at St. Francis High School on Elvas Avenue.

 Kate Ely, Senior | Marion Bishop, President | Kevin Johnson, Mayor | Bernadette De Chiaro, Environment CA | Brad Price, Valley Solar
Large crowd of people attending press conference.

The system is comprised of 1,316 235 watt Schuco US solar panels and 6 SMA 250 kilowatt inverters that will produce 30% of the High Schools electricity and will be cash flow positive the first year the system is operational. The system will reduce Green House Gas emissions by approximately 276 tons of CO2 annually. Funded through a US Treasury Grant, SMUD rebates, and reductions in electric utility bills the new system will lock in the cost of electricity for 30% of the school’s needs, thus serving as an effective hedge against future inflation in the cost of electricity (California utility rates have increased an average of 6.7% over the last 30 years).

Major Johnson (l) and Brad Price (r), President of Valley Solar, with students of St. Francis High School.

“Thanks to programs centered around solar energy, from Federal, State and local Governments along with progressive companies, such as SMUD, we are seeing strong continued growth in the industry at a time when the economy is slow to recover” said Brad Price, owner of Valley Solar Inc. He continues to say that “with the advances in solar energy the equipment is more efficient and reliable than ever before and we have the lowest cost of solar energy in history”; I would like to thank St. Francis High School for helping to make Sacramento a leader in Green Energy.”


System details

Modules – 1,316 Schuco 235 watts

Inverters – 6 SMA 250kW

Annual Production – 430,000 kWh +/- 10%

Reduce Green House Gas emissions by approximately 276 tons of CO2 annually.

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