Valley Solar installs one of the largest roof-mounted solar electric systems on a high school campus in North America

Sacramento, CA September 15, 2012 - Valley Solar's large project team completed the design and installation of a 530 kW photovoltaic system on the Jesuit High School campus located in Carmichael. Composed of more than 2,216 panels, and supplying 48% of the school's energy needs, the cutting edge installation is one of the largest roof top mounted systems on a high school campus in North America.

Jesuit High School Solar Meter

The installation was designed using new technology and mounting techniques including stronger, lighter-weight materials capable of spanning longer distances on large buildings like those found on the Jesuit High School campus. Visit the JHS Solar Meter online to see how many kW their system has generated to date including C02 savings.

aerial view of JHS solar roof installation

More than just power generation, the Jesuit High School solar electric project is a statement of the school's concern for the environment, making Jesuit High School a catalyst for school campuses going green to save the environment and money in the greater Sacramento Region.

Valley Solar expert solar panel installers on JHS roof top


Mounting type

Ballasted racking on multiple buildings

Total system size

530.9kW DC STC


2,216 Schuco MPE PS09 240 watt solar panels


1 PVP 260kW, 17 Fronius IG Plus 12kW inverters

Annual Production

732,000 kWh +/- 10%

JHS roof top close up view of solar pannels


Jesuit High School of Sacramento, established in 1963, is a Catholic high school founded and run by the Society of Jesus. The school enrolls about 1,000 young men from all over the greater Sacramento Valley in California.

Valley Solar, Inc. of Sacramento, is a privately owned, nationally certified solar electric and HVAC design and installation company. Valley Solar specializes in custom-built systems using cutting-edge materials and install methods for homes and businesses.


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