Valley Solar now offers preferred Interest Rate Financing for Residential SunPower Solar Power Systems

Sacramento, CA – July 8, 2014 – In late June, SunPower partnered with Admirals Bank to provide a $200 million loan program for the manufacturer’s residential solar systems over the next two years.


Valley Solar now offers Solar Secured Financing

Valley Solar is a premier dealer of SunPower, who has been leading the solar revolution for over 20 years and knows what it takes to provide homeowners with quality, high performance solar systems. Their partnership with Admirals Bank provides an opportunity for our customers to receive first-rate financing with low interest and special rates on residential SunPower systems.

Many homeowners who take on the opportunity to own a solar system will incur loan payments that are equal to or less than their current monthly utility bill while potentially increasing the value of their home. The investment will also minimize their carbon footprint.

Valley Solar is now the best one-stop shop for all things solar, from affordable financing, to purchase and installation of the most efficient and reliable new residential solar systems. We've got you covered. SunPower system owners will benefit from the manufacturer’s 25-year combined power and product warranty. The partnership gives SunPower system owners to ability to take advantage of a 30% Federal Tax credit now available for homeowners who install solar systems.

For questions and to learn more about installing a high efficient SunPower system in your home that can save you money, contact Carl Marino, Director of Sales and Marketing, at (916) 254-5111.


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