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Valley Solar's "Charge n' Go" PV4EV Solar Systems: Power your EV or Hybrid with the sunshine!

No matter if you have a hybrid electric car or an all-electric car you can power it with sunshine! We can design just the right sized solar systems to fit anyone’s charging needs. Whether it is just for the electric vehicle (EV) or EV and household use, we've got you covered.

To calculate the kWh’s needed for powering your EV or plug-in hybrid, pick the right sized PV4EV system for your needs on the chart below.

Pick Your Valley Solar "Charge n' Go" PV4EV Solar System Size

Monthly Miles Driven kWh's* Needed Total Annual kWh's Solar System Size Needed
800 296** 3552 2.0kW
900 333 3996 2.3kW
1000 370 4440 2.7kW
1100 407 4884 2.7kW
1200 444 5328 3.0kW
1300 481 5772 3.3kW

*kilowatt hours | **1000 miles/2.7 miles per kilowatt-hour = 370 kilowatt-hours


Available Plug-In EVs

For more information about available plug-in EVs visit the Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association (Sac EV), THE source for all things Electric Vehicle related in the Sacramento region.

Level 2 EVSE (commonly referred to as chargers) starting as low as $495!*

*Installation of an EVSE will cost from $300 up, depending on complexity of installation and distance from the service panel. Building permits are $50 to $300 extra, depending upon city of residence.
For more info about Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - EVSE / Home Chargers for Electric Cars, visit Sac EV's website.

We can also design systems to generate more power than listed in chart above, just ask your Valley Solar energy consultant for details.



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