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Benefits of Going Solar

The benefits of installing a solar electric system in your home or business are numerous.

Renewable Power Generation

Solar electric power is a renewable, or sustainable, energy source. It provides utility grade power without the dependence on fossil fuels, which is how most power utilities produce electricity today.


Solar electric systems are very reliable. They have no moving parts. Valley Solar's SunPower® panels have the some of the best warranties in the industry, extending to 25 years. Inverters have warranties up to 10 years. Very little is needed to maintain them other than an occasional spray off with a hose in dusty areas.

Zero Emissions

Solar power produces no emissions unlike much of today's utility-supplied power. And best of all, once the system has paid for itself, which only takes a matter of years, you will enjoy decades of clean sustainable power — free and clear.

Federal Tax Credits

One of the many benefits of going solar is that you will receive a federal tax credit of 30% of the price you pay after all other rebates and incentives have been applied. This tax credit applies to both home and business solar systems until December 31st 2016.


California currently provides $2.60 per watt rebate. This accounts for nearly 30% of the system cost.

We can carry these for you! This means that we will accept the rebate as part of payment so that there is less upfront money needed from you to install your system. We wait for the money, not you.

Accelerated 5 year depreciation on commercial systems

For commercial systems, accelerated depreciation is available for the depreciable basis of the solar electric system, on the portion of the cost that is not covered by rebates or grants.

Increased Home Value

For every $1,000 reduction in annual operating costs from energy efficiency, a home's value is increased by $20,000. So essentially the value of the home is increased by the annual operating costs savings multiplied by 20. Read an article (PDF 70KB) about the financial benefits for any residence.

Hedge Against Rising Electricity Prices

Once you have invested in your system, you will be producing power independently. You will then be less susceptible to increases in energy costs on the power you produce for the life of your system. Electricity rates have historically increased by 6% on average each year for the past 30 years.

Use Valley Solar to install your photovoltaic system: reliable, professional, nationally-certified design and installation specialists are ready to help you make a move to solar with ease.




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