Exceptional Installation Services

Here is just an example of some of the extra services you will receive with a Valley Solar installation.

  • We upgrade the wire size in your new system to minimize power loss. This ensures the maximum power generation over the lifetime of your system. This upgrade prevents your system from missing out on power over the life of your system. Not all installers take this precaution — many will use a smaller size to save cost. This may be acceptable to meet the NEC code, but not for maximum power output of your system.
  • We flash all roof penetrations wherever possible. This ensures that you have a leak-free roof beyond warranty. This costs us a little more to do, but we feel it is well worth it.
  • We ensure all wiring is secured and tidy around the modules. Hanging wires can eventually wear if left out to the elements and create a hazardous situation.
  • We use aluminum and stainless steel mounting hardware wherever we can. These materials will outlast inferior materials such as regular or coated steel products.
  • At the completion of every installation, we will commission your system to show that it is functioning as it should as well as set a benchmark for future checkups which we will do.
  • In most situations, we will be able to setup data monitoring for little or no cost. This enables you to conveniently view your energy production at any time. It also can provide automatic proactive notification to us in the event that there was an issue with your system which needed correcting.


Our staff has a diverse range of experience in the solar business including installations, system troubleshooting, and inverter repair which sets us apart from other installers. We constantly attend continuing education to stay ahead of the curve in this emerging industry, assuring that you have access to the latest technologies and techniques. In addition, our Superintendents are SEI (Solar Energy International) trained in Advanced Photovoltaic Design and Installation. Our President, Brad Price is a NABCEP certified PV Installer.

Warranty and Service

Our commitment to you does not end when we get paid. We are confident in our methods and warranty and service our installations for ten years.

We can also provide cleaning services and expansion to your system, or pure installation services if you already have all equipment.


Valley Solar is a C-46 solar contractor and a B general building contractor licensed in the State of California (lic. no. 858197).

Our employees go through additional training through the Solar Energy International (SEI) to ensure essential knowledge in photovoltaic design and installation.

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