Valley Solar’s Superior Warranties: Product, Power, and Workmanship

When you purchase SunPower® panels from Valley Solar, you get an industry leading combined 25-year product and power warranty that means your solar installation will be steadily producing energy for years to come, and in the unlikely event a panel is underperforming, you won’t be responsible for any of the costs associated with replacement. As your trusted local solar company, we stand behind our work, and guarantee our installation with another industry leading 25-year workmanship warranty.

  Valley Solar's SunPower® Panel Conventional Panels
Product 25 year product warranty 10 - 25 year product warranty
Production 25 year production warranty 25 year production warranty
Workmanship 25 year workmanship warranty 1 – 10 years


Product Warranty

When you purchase SunPower solar panels, the product guarantee is designed to take you all the way. Unlike a traditional solar warranty, the SunPower product warranty lasts for 25 years, and covers all costs associated with panel replacement. In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your solar installation or a panel needs to be replaced, the cost of the solar company removing the malfunctioning panel, shipping the new panel, and the panel’s installation is covered.

Panel Replacement Costs
SunPower   Conventional
Yes Removal of Bad Panel No
Yes Shipping No
Yes New Panel Installation No


Power Warranty

SunPower panels are guaranteed more lifetime energy, more power, and less degradation than conventional panels. This advantage increases over time. More lifetime energy means panels guaranteed to produce 3% more energy than conventional panels at year five, and 12% more the twenty-fifth year. More power means your panels will produce at least 98% of the Minimum Peak power for the first year. Less degradation means an unparalleled annual degradation of less than 0.4% for the subsequent 20 years, making your panels produce at least 92% of the Minimum Peak power their twenty-fifth year.


Workmanship Warranty

When Valley Solar installs your solar panels, we treat them like they were our own. We are confident in our methods and design expertise, and our willingness to stand behind our solar installation proves it. Workmanship Warranties from solar companies vary from one to ten years, but Valley Solar offers an industry leading 25 year workmanship warranty. When you make the important decision to go solar, we want you to be confident not only in your solar products but also your system’s designer and installer. Valley Solar is here to make that possible.

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