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Jeff P.
Cool, CA

Jeff's Testimonial

Brad, I wanted to thank you so much for all you did in helping install my solar panel system. My situation was very unique and definitely required special handling.

I originally planned to have my general contractor who was building my house install the entire system for me. I first searched the internet and found the best deal I could on panels, inverter, and ground mount structure. My builder fell behind on the building plans and soon it became apparent that they would not be able to do my solar installation. I called numerous solar companies throughout the Sacramento area asking them if they would be willing to complete the task. Only one person and one company was willing to help me complete the task and that was Brad Price at Valley Solar.

He was willing to assist me and provide all the technical and specialized work I required. He was instrumental in the most critical phase including selecting the site and suggesting the mounting structure that would work best with my system. He generated the building permit and the process went smoothly with the electrical drawings and wiring size information he provided. In fact, within a couple of days after submitting the permit application, the permit to build was granted.

Brad was very flexible in enumerating what remained to be done to complete the task and allowing me to select which portions I could to keep costs low. I ran the conduit and snaked the wiring. Brad installed the mounting system, mounted the panels and then finished the wiring. When time came for final connections, Brad was there with his knowledge as to how things should be done and specialized tools to get the job done right. Final connection went smoothly and when the switch was thrown to test the installation, all was great.

Looking back, I could not have completed this task without Brad's help. There was a lot more complexity in the wiring and the mounting structure than I was aware. The final building went very quickly and I am now the proud owner of a safe, functional PV solar system and lower PG&E bills. I would strongly recommend Valley Solar to anyone considering a PV system for the house.

Thanks again for all the help.

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