John Iander: Valley Solar solar expert panel installers installed solar power for my home

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Ground mounted solar system at the Iander residence in Latrobe, CA
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John I.
Latrobe, CA

John's Testimonial

I'm a retired TV news reporter, so I have the time and knowledge to do my homework.

I checked out a dozen solar companies before deciding on Valley Solar. Most companies said "sign here and we will do the rest." That's not me! I want all the facts. Valley Solar's representatives walked me through every design nuance and answered all my technical questions with total honesty. Deal done!

I could not be more pleased with Valley Solar's installation crew and their workmanship. We actually became friends and my family looked forward to seeing them every day. After the installation, Valley Solar's technicians walked me through the operation and maintenance of my system and made sure the job site was completely cleaned up.

Valley Solar was the only company that worked to design a "right sized" system for our home and shared all the engineering details with me. Now after almost six months of operation I have a report card:

Our ground-mounted system is generating more than Valley Solar predicted. We are running the air conditioning almost non-stop during the hot afternoons, my wife is charging her hybrid Chevy Volt, I've got the pool cleaner and well pump going as needed and god knows how many TV's and hair dryers are fired up. Oh, and my wife has both electric ovens in non-stop bake mode. Guess what our power bill was last month? Sixty five cents! And in the cooler months we banked some unused power so we have a $250 credit with PG&E that we can use up as needed.

Happy with Valley Solar? You bet. And the proof of that is I have referred numerous customers to them, three of whom have signed contracts. 

Like the sun, Valley Solar is bright, hot and reliable!

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Saving Money with Sunshine Since February 2015