Jeff Paull: Valley Solar installs solar panels for great price

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Jeff's Residential Solar Roof Installation
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Jeff P.
SMUD Employee
Citrus Heights, CA

You can save money from the first day your Solar System is turned on. Now you have a return on an investment rather than just a “continued expense” and being subjected to annual rate increases and high energy bills. Whether it is a lease program or a cash purchase Valley Solar will show you before and after projections of your energy bill and just how much money you will save. Valley Solar now has a “zero down” program that can start saving you money now with no cash out of your pocket.


Valley Solar's Products

Valley Solar is proud to provide a variety of green technology products and solar panels. We constantly research the market for the best performing panels, carefully evaluate your home and budget and provide you with options that bring you the best results and energy savings.


Jeff's Testimonial

This is an update to Jeff’s original testimonial, as he recently contacted Valley Solar to update us on his system production:

Eight years later and my solar system installed by Valley Solar is still maxing out the inverter that is supposed to max at 3500 watts. ZERO degradation from the solar panels is interesting. Hard to find good people like this.

Here is Jeff’s original testimonial:

I highly recommend Valley Solar for many reasons. Brad has been great to work with, he is not a salesman, just a great guy offering knowledge, great value, and results!

I had four solar system estimates for my home. He gave me the best price for the 4.2 DC watt system, used aluminum racking instead of galvanized rust prone material like other installers, panels with the best energy production tolerance, and it showed when completed because I have averaged 22kW per day even with some overcast weather.

I encourage anyone looking into solar to contact him, it's very nice to have all these good qualities all in one company.

Jeff P.

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Saving Money with Sunshine Since August 2008