Tom Teal: Valley Solar Installs Solar Power System For Home

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Tom T.
Vacaville, CA

Tom's Testimonial

I wished to install PV solar at my house. I had previously installed PV Solar at my old home and was very knowledgeable of what needed accomplishing. As an avid do-it-yourselfer, I always want to do a lot of the work myself, but knew from prior experience I would need some help, especially in the technical areas.

Brad Price at Valley Solar was the answer. He was willing to assist me and provide all the technical and specialized work I required. He was instrumental in the most critical phase, site selection as well as sizing the installation. With his assistance the necessary paperwork for the solar rebate reservation process was filed. He was great help in the selection of the mounting system and was able to purchase the majority of the supplies and equipment for me at very competitive prices. The building permit process went smoothly with the electrical drawings and wiring size information he provided.

I installed the mounting system, ran the wiring and then mounted the panels, consulting Brad frequently. When time came for final connections, Brad was there with his knowledge as to how things should be done and specialized tools to get the job done right. Final connection went smooth and when the switch was thrown to test the installation, all was great.

Looking back at the task, without Brad's help it would have been much more difficult. I probably could have completed it myself but it would have taken a lot more time, more trips to the building department, and surely more "do-overs". The final building inspection went very quickly and I am now the proud owner of a safe, function PV solar system and my PG&E bills should be history. Do it again with Brad's help, definitely; without, never.

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