Valley Solar Now Offering Home Battery Backup Options

Valley Solar now offers rechargeable backup power systems for home and small business provided by the sonnenBatterie eco. Backup power solutions allow storage and later use of solar power when the sun isn't shining. As backup power products diversify and become more “intelligent,” better options for unique solar installations will grow.


sonnenBatterie eco Battery BackupThe sonnenBatterie eco is the leading rechargeable lithium-iron home battery backup solution in Europe. Industry acceptance of the sonnen product is growing in the United States. For example, Three Reasons Why GE is Betting on Sonnen Battery Systems.

Backup power systems should be reviewed with your Valley Solar installation expert, to ensure the particular design requirements of your solar installation can be met.






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Opened in 2016, the Valley Solar Custom Design Center helps visitors understand and make better decisions when weighing solar system design options. The showroom, located in the Village Square Center, next to Raley's in El Dorado Hills, California, welcomes walk-in visitors and customers to explore our solar system components, including photovoltaic panels and electric vehicle chargers, and get additional information about smart home battery backup systems that best fit your home energy needs. Installation exhibits and friendly, knowledgeable staff help visitors learn about solar options, tax credits, financing, and warranties available today. Visit the Custom Design Center page or get directions here.


About sonnen Inc.

sonnen, with U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles, has the vision of meeting energy demands with decentralized and clean energy sources which will emancipate the world from dependence on fossil fuels and anonymous energy corporations. As the market leader in intelligent battery storage in Europe, sonnen successfully completed a new round of financing in 2016 with a total equity amount of $85 million. Visit the sonnen website.



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